Edinburgh Leisure Booking Statement

Saturday 07 July 2018


Edinburgh Leisure (EL) have been in touch about this year’s High School rebooking’s for 2018/19.  They are asking for help to speed up the rebooking process, as they are waiting on final documentation from a number of Clubs. 

If any existing Club has not submitted their 18/19 let form, together with required documents such as Insurance etc, please get in touch with them as soon as possible.  All documentation (not just the booking form) needs to be with EL before confirmations can be issued.  Only Clubs that have supplied all the relevant paperwork will be able to secure their current spaces again for the next academic year.  Clubs should refer back to EL’s emails between March and April which detail what type of paperwork is required by each Club for rebooking.  It would help enormously if Clubs could ‘package’ all their paperwork together in one go, to avoid multiply email exchanges due to the volume of lets across 22 High Schools. 

All help would be appreciated on this, so we can collectively work together to improve speed of confirmations.  Clubsportedinburgh understands that contact has been progressed with all current let holders and they are now progressing ‘new requests’ from Clubs looking for more/different spaces.

EL acknowledges the issues raised by Clubs and Clubsportedinburgh on the speed of response by the Bookings Team and has additional resource for the summer, but Clubs have an opportunity to help with this as well by packaging forms/documents altogether, wherever possible.  This will make a significant impact on volume of email exchanges and will help everyone at this peak time.  If you have any questions, please contact EL direct through / 0131 458 2212.