Amazing Gracies FC

Hello! We're the Amazing Gracies Women's Football Club and have been up and puffing since December 2009!

We actively support people to take part in tournaments, to be involved in the committee and/or to volunteer for the club. Our aim is to encourage folks of all ages and abilities to improve their fitness and confidence in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere!

We cater for people interested in social and more competitive/fitness football by organising weekly games and occasional more competitive tournaments: outdoor 6-a-side, etc...

We play on a Wednesday night at Drummond Community High School, in Edinburgh, between 7-8pm (pay-per-play: £3). We try and organise some coaching sessions aswell.

We're happy to meet teams for friendly games. The main aim of the Club's fun and we welcome all women for a kick about and to participate in regular group socials.All ages and all levels of abilities and fitness are welcome!


For further details please email us -



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