Small Grants Programme

Who can apply?

Applicants must be affiliated to CSE.

This must be a new service with the overall aim of increasing participation in sport.

You must have a valid constitution and a club bank account with at least two non-related signatories.


What will the grant pay for?

You can apply for up to £250 to cover the costs of providing an additional service. We cannot provide funding towards salaries but can pay for training facilities, additional equipment for your club and any other reasonable related expenses.


The specific areas which our grants will support are:

  1. Club Start-up – for newly established clubs
  2. Club Development – New section/programme
  3. Target groups – programmes for specific groups underrepresented in sport
  4. Adults into sport – encourage adults back into sport

How to apply

Complete our application form & return it by email to  The fund works on a rolling deadline so you can apply at any time and we will aim to advise you if your application is successful or not in no more than 8 weeks of receiving your application.



At the end of the project, we will request that you complete a short feedback form listing major achievements of your project and numbers of beneficiaries. We will also require a copy of the receipts/invoices to evidence how you have spent the grant. We also request photos of the activity where possible which we can use on our social media and website to promote your successes. 


Funded by the City of Edinburgh Council - Physical Activity & Sport Grant